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HVAC Solutions Ltd presents...A Look at Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

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HVAC Solutions is a business built on commitment; they are committed to the community, committed to providing the highest standard of service, and committed to the uncompromising safety of their employees in the workplace.

HVAC Solutions believes in leading by example, especially when it comes to safety and risk management. Management stands behind each and every employee in their pursuit of safety excellence as the entire team collectively strives for a zero incident workplace.
It’s this commitment to their employees that truly sets HVAC Solutions apart. They recognize that in order to maintain an exceptional quality of work, they must be particular about the people they have working with them.

As part of the HVAC Solutions team, employees are trained for self-improvement and advancement, with employee satisfaction and loyalty being a key goal. They are prepared for the toughest work environments, where safety training and awareness are invested in extensively. A strict Health & Safety Program is in place, and HVAC Solutions is certified with many of the top Health and Safety organizations. 

A large focus for Safety is site specific safety plans, where proper pre-job planning is crucial. As a foundation for their project safety efforts, HVAC’s Safety Officer, with the support and input of Senior Management, compiles a site-specific plan for every project that is undertaken. Each safety plan takes into account the specific conditions, rules and regulations that will apply throughout the project, and presents how their workforce will perform in compliance with these requirements.
“We put a strong focus on Safety because we feel that people are our most valuable asset, and getting them, and those around them, home safely is the most important thing we do,” explains Tim O’Malley, HSE Manager. “Second to that we pride ourselves on being best in the business, and that includes being compliant with the laws, building codes, and Occupational Health & Safety legislation.”

HVAC Solutions is always working towards building a positive safety culture, and according to Tim, this takes a complete buy from their whole team. “We have a cutting-edge safety system in place that utilizes a variety of administrative and physical controls to ensure we are working safely.” This includes safe job procedures, safe work practices, education/safety courses, safety meetings/tool box talks, site inspections, vehicle and equipment inspections, and having a large variety of safety equipment and personal protective equipment available to their workers. 
“I have an open door policy with all the staff and encourage feedback and constructive criticism in an effort to improve the safety of our work environment,” says Tim. “We work with a behaviour-based safety system that points out short comings in the workers safety habits and also rewards them when they are in compliance as well as when they go above and beyond what is required we give out great prizes and frequently run contests through the HSE Department that reward people who are doing the RIGHT things when they are out there working.”

This focus on safety has benefited HVAC Solutions and their employees in many ways, but first and foremost, says Tim, is that it unites them as a group of people who care not only about getting and completing work in order to get paid, but as a group who cares about the safety and well-being of each other, and the people they work with and for. 

“I believe that when a group of people come together with a common goal that is meaningful they become empowered and capable of doing great things together, which at the end of the day is beneficial to the company as well. HVAC Solutions spares no expense when it comes to Health, Safety and the Environment and the protection of those things and we believe strongly that it is a sound investment that pays dividends in the long run.” 

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