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Clean & Green

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I COME FROM A LONG HISTORY OF CAR PEOPLE. My maternal lineage brims with the sort of people that spend their Sunday afternoons detailing their cars with q-tips; the sort of people that would never eat a burger within the leathery confines of their vehicles; and the sort of people that would never, under any circumstance, park next to a minivan.  “Ugh. Minivans.  A sure sign of rugrats with grubby hands,” scoffed my Grandpa Jimmy.

The buck stops here.

I let random junk pile up in the backseat.  Shopping bags, changes of clothes, gum wrappers, and errant french fries.  I’m not bothered by the mess until my co-workers and I decide to go out for lunch together.  I can never drive the group.  Because of the mess, you see. 

Every few weeks, the mess starts to bother me. 

So I go to the carwash.  Specifically, the brand new, Clean Car Wash in the TaigaNova Industrial Park (from the bottom of Confed, turn left and travel about 2 minutes up Hwy. 63.  The park is on your right-hand side).

The Clean Car Wash is located right beside the new bottle depot.  This car wash comes with an impressive fact-sheet: it’s the largest in Fort McMurray with 12 bays (each measuring 22 feet wide), it has a coin/swipe card meter so that you only pay for exactly what you need, and it includes a pet wash.

It’s certainly progressive on the eco-friendly scale, too, since it uses only environmentally friendly soaps and recycled rain water.  But I don’t care about all of that.
What I care about is this: the equipment is brand, spanking new.  The vacuum sucks hard (insert 6th grade style giggle here) and actually picks up all the little pebbles on my mats quickly and thoroughly.  The wand  releases a stream powerful enough to clean surfaces upon contact. You know those infomercials where ladies demonstrate absurdly effective detergents?  I pretend to be in one of those when I use the wand. 

There are other car washes in town.  But the Clean Car Wash?  My Grandpa Jimmy would have approved.

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