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Ebony & Ivory

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Duelling Pianos in support of Kids Forever

Vegas-style entertainment came to Fort McMurray this fall as HALOS (Helping Assist Local Organizations Society) hosted a night to remember...and all for a good cause!

Pianists Scott Nicholson and Van Walraven, two of the most experienced in Las Vegas, entertained a crowd of 600 people and offered to do a repeat performance next year, saying the Fort McMurray crowd was the most energetic and generous they had ever experienced.

One hundred percent of the evening’s $125,000 raised went directly to Kids Forever, thanks to all of the planning and work involved in putting on this event being executed by the seven volunteer HALOS members.

Feedback from the evening’s guests and sponsors has been tremendous. With Scott and Van’s offer to perform again next year, sponsors who have already signed up for 2015, and a crowd eager to do it all again, Ebony & Ivory will be an encore event next year, supporting another worthy community-based cause.