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Jessie Levesque
BY Jessie Levesque
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Now, more than ever, curling up with a good book is a great way to invest your time. Here is a selection of great ones to inspire your life in YMM.

Clearwater Memoirs

By Blair Jean

Looking for what life in Fort McMurray looked like in the past? Blair Jean’s Clearwater Memoirs is a detailed and humorous biography of Jean’s life on the Clearwater River as a big game guide and trapper. The many colored photos of our region’s history is a reminder of the wild roots our community was built upon.


Through Thick & Thin: How The Wildfire Was a Wake Up Call To Transform My Life!

By Tony Bussy

In this novel by Tony Bussy, he tells of how the evacuation during the 2016 wildfire served as motivation for him to make healthy lifestyle changes. The result? Bussey lost over 300lbs in his inspiring journey.


Into The Abyss: How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed The Lives of A Pilot, A Politician, A Criminal and A Cop

By Carol Shaben

If survival stories are your thing, check out this true story of a 1984 plane crash in northern Alberta which killed six of the nine passengers onboard. Shaben’s well researched story tells us of the four survivors and the long-lasting impact the events had on their lives.


Alberta Nature Guide

By Krista Kagume

As we enter the season where our region thaws, you may find yourself walking the nature trails outlying our community. This handy guide will help you to identify the critters we have in our region as you take in the wilderness around you.


Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness

By Quing Li

Speaking of nature, this book describes the benefits of the therapeutic practice of forest bathing and how being close to nature can affect our health. So the next time you take a stroll along the Birchwood trails you’ll know exactly why you’re finding such wholeness in the company of nature.