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LionheART Performing and Fine Arts Camp

Steph Seidel
BY Steph Seidel
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In July of 2018, The District Recording Studio hosted two weeks of creative arts camp; the first week of camp was for high school students and the second was for ages six to 12.

During the camps, students were encouraged to be creative in a safe space.  They were given the instruction but also the freedom to write songs, sing out, act, paint, and create music.  Classes in songwriting, drama, vocals, guitar, drums, piano, electronic music, theatre, video production and fine arts were taught.  At the end of the week, an evening showcase of the students’ accomplishments was held, and many came out to show their support.  The students wowed the audience with their new or improved upon skills.  It was such a celebration after a week of hard work!  Songs from the Greatest Showman were featured and a young artist from the fine arts track did a live painting!

Once the weeks were over students expressed a hope for a camp like this during the school year, and so the studio got to work at planning a weekend session.  On November 30, students took part in a two-day immersive arts experience, and although it was a whirlwind, it was so amazing to watch the students showcase their work in the closing session of the weekend.

We are pleased to announce that LionheART creative arts camp is going rural!  After the success of our pilot summer camp and weekend sessions we’re taking our team on the road to Fort Chipewyan and Conklin!  Our team will bring all that’s needed for musical instruction, art, and our newest course: podcasting!  We are so thrilled to be invited to take this on the road!

Each day of camp includes a demonstration and an inspirational talk by the instructors for all campers before splitting off into classes.  Willi Whiston took the floor on the Friday night of our weekend session to encourage the students.  He talked about the two lives most people have in their heads, the life they’re living and the one they want to be living.  The one they want to be living usually includes a form of creativity, perhaps they’d like to be someone who plays the piano well, or who has the confidence to sing when everyone is watching.  By the end of the discussion the students were responding to a call and response with him: When life sucks – make stuff! When life is good - make stuff!

Our camp director, Genoveve Whiston, commented after our weekend session. “It was an amazing event that I believe fulfilled its mission statement to empower young people to be courageous in the pursuit of their creative endeavors!”

Please watch our website for our LionheART Camp near you!


LionheART Camp’s are put on by Fort McMurray’s premiere state of the art recording studio: The District Recording Studio.  The studio is a partnership with The Fort McMurray Public School District and King’s Kids and is now open for business.  If you would like to book some studio time, please fill out a contact form at