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Young Artist Profile: Jordan Cree

Steph Seidel
BY Steph Seidel
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The Nistawoyou Friendship Centre has been helping youth in our community for many years.  Running programs and collaborating with strategic partners has allowed them to increase their impact exponentially.  One such partnership is the one between Jordan Cree, a youth at the Friendship Centre, and the District Recording Studio.  (The District Recording Studio is a new space opening soon in Composite High School.  It’s a partnership between the Fort McMurray Public School District and King’s Kids Promotions). Jordan met the staff at the District Recording Studio in September 2017 to work on a project for Youth Voices WB.  The District had put out a call for songs written by youth about their community.


Jordan’s song, titled Twenty Sixteen, chronicles his life. Jordan raps:

I was breaking down doors but I ain’t no locksmith.

No love from the judge presiding,

Go ahead and give me that sentence.

Cuz God’s up in here with me. 

Even though I got a year I took it as a lesson.

Got me sitting in confinement,

I ain’t ever been compliant.


It’s been 10 months since The District Recording Studio helped Jordan get his song out.  He has been performing it at events around the community and people have really responded to his song on social media. 

We believe music and the arts have such a power to change the trajectory of a life and we are so proud of Jordan! We’re also looking forward to continuing to work with the Friendship Centre to put on musical training events and a talent showcase this summer. Check out for more information!.

As Jordan’s song progresses you can hear the hope in his parting lyrics

‘My People are struggling and dying. It motivates me. I gotta stay strivin’. By any means I’m gonna make it for my family.’

Yes you will, Jordan! We believe in you and in the power of music.