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Each year at this time we deck our halls and celebrate the Christmas holidays. While going through the hum-drum of yet another year we pop in our favourite Christmas titles like we’re on annual auto-pilot; but I, for one, am done with celebrating that Miracle on 34th Street. So if you’re like me and the classic movie titles are making you more ‘bah hum bug’ than ‘tis the season’, here are some alternative titles to consider this holiday season. 


Love Actually


Starring: Pretty much every actor who’s been on the BBC.

While this was a highly regarded movie for many women in 2003, there are still those who have yet to watch, swoon, and laugh while this ensemble cast depicts a hipper Christmas love story.

It’s even funny enough to take out of the chick-flick category. At the very least, guys will enjoy watching the Walking Dead’s Rick act in his native British tongue. That’s right, Andrew Lincoln’s a Brit and hangs out with more than the undead.



Trading Places


Starring: Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd

This 1983 comedy takes place during the holiday season which is good enough in my book to be considered a Christmas title.

In this hilarious comedy, a down and out conman trades places with an uptight investor after a pair of millionaires decide to play god and the comedy unfolds. Think of it as a much edgier It’s a Wonderful Life complete with profanity and nudity.



Futurama Christmas Specials


While it’s not a movie per se, no one does inappropriate Christmas better than Futurama; nothing beats a gun-toting Santa Claus who throws grenades at the naughty little boys and girls. This will put a single tear on the biggest Grinch as you laugh yourself to Christmas cheer!


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