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Fort McMurray's Gem - The Gallery at Frames and More

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There’s a gem in Fort McMurray. It’s not oil deposited into sand, nor the sound of the Athabasca breaking after a long cold winter. It’s not the golden leaves falling from trees through the river valley, or a majestic moose crossing Highway 63 as the sun rises. It’s not a child’s smile as they hit the bottom of a toboggan trail without falling off, or imprinted deer tracks in the snow. It’s not any of these things, but it’s all of these things, showcased on canvas, board, paper and fabric, framed just so and proudly displayed in the Gallery at Frames and More.

“THIS IS AN OASIS OF CREATIVE expression,” says Russell Thomas of Arts Council Wood Buffalo. We’ve all heard people say it: Fort McMurrayites are thirsty. Thirsty for creativity, art and expression. The Gallery at Frames and More combines beauty and practicality. With the Art Gallery taking up most of the two-bay store, a selection of gifts, such as local honey, artist-created pottery and ceramics, Edmonton-made Jacek chocolates and Transcend Coffee, as well as a framing business, taking care of everything from fine art to hockey jerseys.

Florence Weber, owner of Gallery at Frames and More, has built a home for art in Fort McMurray. Creating a space in an industrial-charged town can be challenging, but Gallery at Frames and More stands out as a personal, expressive space that truly impresses all that come through the large glass doors. Before even entering the building, the first thing you see is a fall scene on canvas, reds, oranges, yellows and browns reaching into the canvas sky, dominating the large wall space it has been delicately placed on. Upon opening the doors it becomes apparent that this is a special place, with the smell of honey candles, coffee and chocolates, and the sound of soft eclectic music greeting you. The Gallery is a delight to the senses.

Home to a number of artists, the Gallery at Frames and More takes pride in showcasing local art. Featuring the Lucas Seaward gallery space, the Gallery at Frames and More gives a solid salute to the nature of our home town. With his impressive Bitumen paintings, created from the Oil Sands itself, he has tapped an artistic resource that is un-thought of by others. Bill Martin, a local landscape photographer from Saskatchewan, can often be seen on the side of the highway trying to capture the perfect shot of the Aurora, or driving the prairie roads at all hours searching for unique vantage points. Carol Breen, painter and curator of Gallery at Frames and More uses colours, patterns, shapes and textures to tell her stories. The immensely talented Erin Schwab of Keyano College is often found at the Gallery, inspired by the quiet relationships in the world around us. You’ll find highly detailed industry pastels by Dave Ball, delightful textured glassworks by Joanne Pilgrim, Barb Howes’ renowned and functional pottery, and finally the architectural marvels that are Grandma Ina’s birdhouses.

There’s a gem in Fort McMurray. A retreat from the hustle and bustle of our busy industrial town. The Gallery at Frames and More is the place to go to rejuvenate passions, delights and the senses. A wealth of creativity, expression and beauty for you to indulge in and sneak away to.