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Behind the Curtain at Keyano Theatre

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If you want to enjoy the magic of a theatrical production you can simply go buy a ticket to a show; but if you want to know what it takes to make a show a success you need to see what’s behind the curtain. Let’s shine a spotlight on certain parts of the theatre and entertainment world that often get taken for granted. This column will take a closer look at what goes on back stage, what’s coming up in the theatre and arts world of Fort McMurray and give you some drama related food for thought.

The Backside of Cabaret

What happens on stage is just the beginning of all it takes to put on a production like Keyano Theatre Company’s Cabaret. There’s a huge team of production people from professional directors to volunteer ‘doors’ (yes, there were two volunteer stage crew persons who were dedicated to moving the doors on stage). A lot goes on behind the scene that the audience never gets to see. The enthusiasm that the community members bring to a show like Cabaret is astonishing and often overlooked. Luckily, two local filmmakers are set to expose the secrets through an independent feature documentary called A Little Cabaret. They plan to premier the film at the 2015 Fort McMurray International Film Festival with the hopes of showing the world what’s happening in Northern Alberta and what our community is capable of.

The level of talent Fort McMurray has to offer is astounding and the commitment each volunteer gives to a production is enormous, so let’s not forget about the backstage stars of the show!

The Waves Keep Rolling for KTC’s Drama Force

Have you ever seen a singing mermaid or evil octopus in Fort McMurray? Well, this August you will have your chance when Keyano Theatre Company’s 2015 Drama Force program presents Disney The Little Mermaid Jr.

The show, which won Best Original Song for Under the Sea at the 62nd Academy Awards, will give the students of this year’s Drama Force program plenty of musical and acting fun to look forward to.

The program participants will spend an intensive three weeks, in July/August, learning about every aspect of the musical production process, from auditioning and dancing to lighting and design. After the success of last year’s production of Aladdin Jr. the presentation of another Disney classic is sure to be a hit!

Since the program is open to youth of all ages from across the community there are a variety of skills and interests amongst the group, giving Roxanne Dicke, the program’s Director, a lot to manage. Roxanne is thrilled to be a part of the program for a second season; fostering the passion that these students have for theatre is something she loves to do. “Watching them grow and change on stage is the magical part of theatre,” she said, “Every child should have this opportunity at least once.”

Registration is now open.

For more information on the 2015 Drama Force program you can visit

Interesting Industry Fact

The infamous Broadway show, A Few Good Men, began as notes on a napkin and ended up being a production that has pulled in over two hundred million dollars to date. Writer Aaron Sorkin got the idea for the script from his sister, a military attorney, when she was on her way to Guantanamo Bay to defend a group of marines accused of murder. With no legal background, Sorkin went on to write his sister’s story. The intense courtroom drama has been performed on stage over 500 times; soon to be 501 when it is presented this October by the Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre.