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Coming August 22… Diner en Blanc in Fort McMurray

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From a global phenomenon to a highly sought after “secret”, Le Diner en Blanc marks the world’s first viral gastronomy event, a mass chic picnic, taking place in some of the most beautiful public spaces around the world.

While perusing Facebook late last August I was intrigued by a picture that had a group of people all dressed in white twirling what looked like a napkin at an outdoor diner party. I am all about “dinner parties”, from planning the menu, to setting a beautiful dinner table, which made sense to why this picture spoke so loudly to me! After a bit more investigation on what “Diner en Blanc” is, I was on a mission to find out how I could attend or organize one!

Already popular across Canada, Diner en Blanc in Fort McMurray was the next logical step. I spoke to a couple of friends about how much fun and fitting to hold such an event in the city and after a couple of months of discussions Dawn Sidoroff and Angela Dean agreed to help me bring the event to Fort McMurray!

Thus started the journey to hosting the first Diner en Blanc event in Fort McMurray!

What is Diner en Blanc? Launched in Paris over 25 years ago by Francois Pasquier and a handful of friends, Diner en Blanc has become a worldwide epicurean phenomenon, with events held yearly in more than 50 different cities around the world. The Paris edition attracts nearly 15,000 people yearly in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the French capital.

The “secret” diner party is all about friends, joining friends under the stars to enjoy a magical evening in one of the city’s most beautiful public spaces! Part of the concept and excitement is the secret location which is only revealed to the guests at the very last minute. All dressed in white and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, guest’s set up for a mass picnic under the stars. There are no disruptions, from cars, pedestrians, just the odd person trying to see what the Sea of White is all about!

Diner en Blanc’s values & philosophy are Friendship, Secrecy, Elegance, Gallantry, Sharing, Equality and Community.

The event is further special as it requires involvement from each participant, it is not a simple matter of being a “spectator” one becomes an “actor” in the event. Guests spend weeks preparing their gourmet menu, their equipment and of course, their all-white attire for the evening. Everything must be white!

Diner en Blanc promotes sustainability by enforcing the use of reusable materials for setting the table as well encourages guests to source locally grown produce for their gourmet meal and to shop locally for their equipment and attire.

To get a chance to be part of this grand premiere, people must register on the waiting list via the Diner en Blanc website

We cannot wait! Dawn Angela and I are working hard to make this first event memorable and full of surprises. Start shopping and thinking about everything white…there may be a contest for the “Best Dressed” Table! Follow us on Facebook at Diner en Blanc – Fort McMurray to find out all the latest news. See you on August 22!

Photos by Michael Carty, Dave Boyce, Anastasia Rufin and Layla from Lulu Photography.


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