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It Starts With Welcome

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For Frank, the lobby at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre is his second home. As a resident of the Continuing Care Unit on the fourth floor, Frank can be found in the lobby everyday without fail. It’s where he chats with staff, regales visitors with stories and has his midday coffee. Although he never complains, Frank has difficultly manoeuvring his wheelchair to find a spot where he can enjoy a change of scenery and be comfortable. At the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, plans are underway to make the lobby a more welcoming and inviting destination for all Continuing Care residents, patients, families, visitors and staff. The current lobby dates back to 1983 when the Health Centre first opened its doors. Since then, our patient and family population has doubled and their needs have changed. The current lobby is dark, uninviting and outdated. Most of all, it does not reflect the level of care and compassion delivered every day within the Health Centre. 

Our patients, visitors and staff currently have nowhere to go to alleviate stress. The lobby is our only setting to accommodate this crucial aspect of patient care.” — Monique Janes, Director of Patient Care, Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Imagine a lobby illuminated by sunlight, wide-open spaces and comfortable and inviting furniture. Imagine a place that from the moment you enter, you feel reassured and confident that you and your loved ones will be well cared for. Imagine a hub where our community and staff can take pride in their hospital. The care, comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones is at the core of all that we do. Our refurbished and renovated lobby will include new furniture, improved lighting, more seating and a wayfinding kiosk to direct individuals to various areas of the facility.   It will be transformed into a space that is comfortable and provides a relaxed area to spend time with family and friends away from their clinical space.” — Monique Janes

With your support we can transform our lobby into a warm environment that promotes healing and comfort for patients and their families.

It starts with patients It starts with a meeting place It starts with welcome

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