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Letter from Our Members of the Legislature

Brian Jean & Tany Yao
BY Brian Jean & Tany Yao
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As MLAs for this region, we join in the excitement of welcoming all of you - along with coaches and parents - to this beautiful place we call home for the 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games.

For the next three days, our region will be alive with the spirit of competition as nearly 3,000 young athletes strive to do their best in their selected sports.

Our region has a rich sports history, and we host first-class games and tournaments in world class venues.

The positive impacts of sports are numerous.

Sports teaches you life lessons: It teaches patience…strategy…how to be a leader…and a follower…that it’s okay to make mistakes…how to set goals…the success of hard work…how to win with class…and lose with dignity…and that life isn’t always fair.

Sports also brings a community together and these Games are an example of that.

Thank you to the Alberta Sport Connection and all of its dedicated staff and sponsors for helping make such events as the Alberta Winter Games possible and helping young athletes reach their athletic potential.

We would also like to acknowledge the members of our local 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games coordinating team and Host Society. Thanks to all your hard work and efforts, you will indeed honour the spirit of the Games and enrich the lives of the athletes. Many thanks also to the volunteers. Your willingness to give of your time and talent has helped make these Games a reality.


Best of luck to all the athletes. Maybe we will see some of you in future Olympic Games representing Canada.


Brian Jean, MLA
Fort McMurray – Conklin

Tany Yao, MLA 
Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo