Letter from The Editor

  BY  ON Oct 13, 2018

Wikipedia tells me that innovation can be defined as a new method, idea or product and then the action or application of better solutions that…

The Interview with...Kristi Hines

  BY  ON Oct 13, 2018

Full Name: Kristi Hines Job Title: Founder & Director Company: Hines Health Services Age: 42 Years in Wood Buffalo: 38

Arts & Culture

Entertainment Spotlight - Tell Us About your Day Job

  BY  ON Oct 13, 2018

For many artists in Fort McMurray whether it’s music, theatre or fine arts, they pour hundreds of hours into their craft. But just like everyone…


Developing & Exploring Musical Creativity in Wood Buffalo

  BY  ON Oct 13, 2018

People benefit from the music industry in Fort McMurray every day.  Think about the songs that get stuck in your head, the Spotify or Apple…

Web Exclusive

The Drowsy Chaperone

  BY  ON Jan 14, 2018

This Valentine’s weekend, the Keyano Theatre Company is inviting us on a journey back to the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s, where a wedding…

Making a dream come to life

  BY  ON Aug 28, 2018

For many workers moving to Fort McMurray, this region is considered the land of opportunity and possibility. The same can be said for many artists…