Rising to the Challenge... Massey Whiteknife

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Some people can learn from being bullied and handle it without much damage to their psyche, while others are driven to suicide. Of course, there’s…

The City That Raised Me - Getting Out of the City: The Rural Pace of the Undistracted

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

I think everyone understands the importance of taking a break.  Getting out of the city.  Breathing in some new scenery.  But have you ever gone…

Arts & Culture

Entertainment Spotlight: Cassie & Cash Finch

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Sister and brother duo, Cassie and Cash Finch, have been making waves in the Fort McMurray theatre scene for a few years now. What some…

Stories on Canvas with the Strokes of Young Artists

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Art can be a powerful medium, telling a collection of stories, whatever the brush strokes bring to life, whether beautiful scenes of landscapes or painful…


91.1 The Bridge Brings Family Skating to Anzac

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

In 2010, 91.1 The Bridge (former KAOS 91.1) started weekly Family Skating events at The Suncor Community Leisure Centre on MacDonald Park.  The events included…

Prime Test Kitchen: Eat. Drink. Be Social

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Fort McMurray has a brand new restaurant with some familiar faces. Prime Test Kitchen, part of the Prime Social Group of Prime Social Kitchen fame,…

Sports & Recreation

Thank You for Your Generous Giving and Ongoing Support - The Fort McKay Group of Companies LP 12th Annual Golf Tournament

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Golf tournaments and fundraisers are a sure sign that summer is in full swing. Fort McKay Group of Companies has combined the two and created…

Rotary Links: A Family-Friendly Golf Course

  BY  ON Aug 20, 2018

Its 10 days before the July 1, 2018 grand opening of Rotary Links Golf @ Wood Buffalo, which is a current nine-hole links golf course…

Web Exclusive

Chez Max Jamaican Cuisine Supports Hues for Humanity

  BY  ON May 16, 2018

Do you love Chez Max Jamaican Cuisine and chef-to-go meals? Have you ever dreamed of having a chef-made meal in your backyard? You now have…

Vilia's Celebration of Life

  BY  ON Mar 21, 2016

How would a person sum up Vilia Tosio in one word? I don’t think that’s something anyone could do if they tried. There would be…