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At Your McMurray Magazine we like to say we’re a magazine for everyone who lives, works & plays here. When we heard about McMurrians, we…

Catch You On The Rebound

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Is it a big world and small ball? Or is it a big ball and small world? Such is the life of a basketball gypsy.

Arts & Culture

On Stage with Mike Jones

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Good Spread has developed a reputation amongst party bands in Fort McMurray. Many cover bands know how to make the audience have fun, but with…

LionheART Performing and Fine Arts Camp

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In July of 2018, The District Recording Studio hosted two weeks of creative arts camp; the first week of camp was for high school students…


Developing & Exploring Musical Creativity in Wood Buffalo

  BY  ON Oct 13, 2018

People benefit from the music industry in Fort McMurray every day.  Think about the songs that get stuck in your head, the Spotify or Apple…

Web Exclusive

Astronomical Contemplations at 56 Degrees North Latitude GMT -7

  BY  ON Feb 27, 2018

There are things you know. There are things you know and experience. And the delight of experiencing something you know can catch you by surprise.

Writer and spoken word virtuoso, Shane Koyczan to speak in Fort McMurray June 1, 2016

  BY  ON Feb 19, 2016

Formerly known as Northern Insights, the Library is very excited to introduce their new ‘WBRL Centre Stage’ speaker series.  Shane Koyczan, was born in Yellowknife,…