The City That Raised Me - People are Not Machines

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

In the dystopian novel “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley describes a future where people are grown in pods, each person specifically farmed for a certain…

Impact with Joan Furber

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

Joan Furber, President of the Golden Years Society, was a guest on a recent edition of IMPACT.  A long-time resident of Fort McMurray - she…

Arts & Culture

Dîner en Blanc 2018

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

Dîner en Blanc is returning to Fort McMurray in June 2018 This will be the third year hosting Dîner en Blanc, an International event held…

Entertainment Spotlight: Norm Sutton

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

“If I did three in a row I would probably end up divorced” says Norm Sutton after wrapping back to back productions (his 10th and…

Business & Oilsands

Helping Our Seniors Community: McMurray Denture Clinic

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

For two decades, Dr. Jason Cunningham has been helping residents bring back their smiles through dentistry services at the McMurray Denture Centre.


Michael Jesso's Fabulous, Derailed

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

With rebuilds from the 2016 wildfire well underway and a number of people already moved back home the question of whether or not to have…

A Senior Conversation

  BY  ON Apr 03, 2018

91.1 The Bridge caught up with grandparents Rick and Cathy Kirschner to see what their favourite moments as grandparents have been, and what they like…

Web Exclusive

Snapshots of a 21st Century Opera Singer

  BY  ON Apr 07, 2016

The moment before Andrea starts singing is, in a word: tense. Directionless energy vibrates through her body and she paces backstage like a kite in…

How can attending a trade show enhance your business presence?

  BY  ON Sep 03, 2015

Every day more and more ways to communicate continue to appear on the World Wide Web. Business communication is now primarily done via e-mails, apps,…