Message from The Premier of Alberta

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

The wildfires in northern Alberta have left the residents of Fort McMurray and other northern communities with a number of challenges. Some left their homes…

Letter from The Editor

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

I never thought I would be writing a letter like this. No one can imagine or prepare for an experience quite like the one my…

The Story

How Not To Evacuate - A Lighthearted Tale of Fleeing One’s City

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

When my wife goes away, I sometimes forget to get Junior to bath. Two days later when she returns he will smell of all the…

$128-Million and Growing - The Canadian Red Cross Response to Wildfire Crisis

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

Even while 80,000 people were driving bumper to bumper out of Fort McMurray the Canadian Red Cross were mobilizing in preparation of the fallout from…

We Will Rebuild

Together We Are United For Fort McMurray

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

May 3rd started like most other days. Agencies were hard at work in The Redpoll Centre, and United Way staff were scattered about doing a…

How The Arts Are Rebuilding Fort McMurray

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

There are still many questions about the rebuilding process in Fort McMurray, but everyone can agree that it will require collaboration, resilience, determination, and creativity.…

We Say Thanks

The Strength Within Us

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

If one were to never leave certain areas of the region, one might think it had never happened. Driving up Thickwood Boulevard, the landscape looks…

Gratitude: A Student’s Perspective

  BY  ON Jul 14, 2016

During such a chaotic time, I never thought I would feel so thankful. Although we were forced out of our homes and witnessed terrifying sights,…

Web Exclusive

200 Words About... Gods Acre

  BY  ON May 27, 2015

"It's strange how an idea can grow and consume your daily life. It's even more so when your idea changes from a thought to a…

HERMISSION: A healthy balance between femininity and strength

  BY  ON Aug 03, 2015

“I grew up with quitting not in my vocabulary. You start something, you damn well finish it.” Deprise H – founder.